What Most Single Folks Think About Marriage

Marriage is a broad issue that pertains to life in its entirety. It is a good thing to engage in and it is expedient for all humans to experience marriage.

Marriage is an institution orchestrated by God for man and woman to engage. And whatever God does is good.

However, this article only seeks to address what most younger unmarried folks, especially the single ladies think about marriage.

Marriage is a license to free s3x (not necessarily good s3x….most times) and not usually plenty of s3x like many think.

It is a change of status (which includes change of name and a change of lifestyle but not necessarily a change of life), and it comes with enormous responsibilities.

It doesn’t guarantee happiness, prosperity or better life unless you consistently work things out. It is not a way out of financial lack or unhappiness unless both couple take right decisions and work hard to achieving their goals.

It is not a cure for loneliness or boredom. That means you can be married and still be lonely and bored. Marriage-chronicles.com

There is a huge twist in marriage when kids come in. S3x can be greatly minimized. Unprecedented responsibilities will put pressure on your finances. And priorities will be reset to meet new demands. Affections are shifted and unintended distance grows among couples……’Sometimes’.

Some people get into marriage and wish to turn back the hands of time and when they can’t hold, they quit. While some get in and stay in….not because they are enjoying every bit of it but they seem not to have much choices. Only few get in, stay in because they are enjoying it….this one too doesn’t come easily. Marriage-chronicles.com

So whilst you are praying and desiring marriage, make good use of the time you have now. You can’t use future to enjoy today, you can only use today to enjoy the future you’re looking for.

Marriage comes with huge responsibilities that can drain all the emotions and energy that are required to enjoying it….THIS IS THE REALITY.

So don’t only desire it, also prepare for it. Do not wish to be single when you’re actually married. That’s not a wise wish.

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