My step-sister and I are in a lesbian relationship, I want to leave my husband

I’VE been cheating on my husband with my step-sister and now we are planning to run away together leaving my husband.

My husband and I were happily married for five years before my eyes began to wander.

Our relationship was fine but with little passion and no spark.

We had a routine. Friday night was “date night” and usually the only time we’d be intimate. Often it felt like we were just going through the motions. He’s 48, I’m 46.

When I was 30, Mum remarried a guy she’d met on the internet. He had a daughter, also 30. We hit it off instantly and would regularly spend the day together, getting our hair and nails done.

At first I thought I was really lucky. I’d gained a best friend and a sister all in one. But one evening, when my husband was away with work, she popped round for dinner.

I’d planned a girly evening with wine, nibbles and a romcom.

She was always complimenting me but this night was different.

She kept looking me up and down, calling me sexy. As she was leaving, she leant in for a hug. Next thing I knew, her lips were on mine. I kissed her back.

I've been cheating on my husband with my step-sister

It was so passionate, and I was drawn in by how badly she seemed to want me. That night we had the most amazing s3x. It was rare for me to climax with my husband, so it felt great to have someone set on making me feel good.

We’ve been meeting behind my husband’s back for the past six months and I think I’m in love.

We’ve even discussed running away so that we can be together, away from the judgment of our families.

I feel awful that I’ve lied to my husband but I know that this is who I’m meant to be with.

How do I get myself out of this mess?

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: Stepchildren who fall in love are not uncommon.

You must come clean to your husband, as it would be far worse for him to discover it for himself.

Your family will definitely not have the best reaction to your relationship but, again, telling them will help you both as they would have more better ways to resolve things.

Before going public, you and your step-sister must ensure this is what you really want. The excitement of sneaking around can sometimes mean lust is perceived as love.

Also, I don’t wish to judge you but most religious beliefs do not encourage lesbian relationships…..but no religion frowns at having a legal man and woman relationship. This is to let you know that is it not a generally acceptable affair to have.

Kindly calm down and have a rethink before leaving your husband. You can also and always spark things up in your marriage with right communication.

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