I Am Cheating On My Wife With Another Woman And a Man

 I’M having affairs with a woman and with another man. I can’t see a way out of the mess I’ve got myself into.

I’m a married man of 47 and have been with my wife for the past ten years.

She’s 43. We have a daughter who’s six and have been trying for another child for the past three years.

Don’t judge me. The truth is I’ve always had a big sexual appetite and my attitude has been, “What my partner doesn’t know can’t hurt her.”

First, I’ve been having an affair at work with a woman who’s 25. She’s lovely and knows all about my life and my wife and our problems.

She has never put me under any pressure to leave my family.

It’s always been just a bit of fun for both of us.

But last week, she rang me sounding really serious. My heart sank when she told me that her Pill must have failed last time we met and she is now three months pregnant with my child. She doesn’t know what she will do.

Even worse, my male lover, 30, whom I met on a gay website last year, is threatening to out me to my partner.

I am having another affair with a woman who is pregnant
I am having another affair with a woman who is pregnantCredit: Alamy

He wants me to come clean about our relationship and to admit I’m gay — which I don’t think I am.

He doesn’t know about my pregnant female lover either.

I am at a complete loss as to how to sort this mess out. I fear my life is about to implode.

My marriage has grown stale and we are unhappy because we can’t conceive again.

But neither of us wants to end it because of our daughter — and we really do care for each other.

But at times it feels like we are just going through the motions.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: What a tangled web you have woven for yourself. Perhaps it is time to come clean.

  It would be better if your wife hears all this from you than from someone else.

Yes, it might well lead to the break-up of your relationship but it is hard to see how you are going to keep all this from her without endless lying, deceit and more stress.     

 Your partner deserves to know about your unborn child and it sounds like your male lover is intent on telling her about you too.      

Although you want to stay together for your daughter’s sake, she will not thank you for growing up in an unhappy home.

You are clearly miserable and telling the truth will probably feel like a weight off your shoulders.

It would be helpful to talk to a counsellor. Someone sympathetic outside the situation to work out how you can be honest with your wife . . . …before someone else is.

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