I have thrown away my marriage for s3x with man I met at dance class

 I’VE thrown away my marriage and everything for a man I met at my dance class.

He was single and hitting the floor with him made me feel so hot, but I have now gone from having a happy home life and lovely lifestyle to feeling a total outcast . . . all for s3x.

I wanted to get out of the house more but my husband was not interested in joining me for salsa lessons.

Then dancing with this new man made me feel alive again.

He started whispering about how he wanted to undress me and then have s3x with me up against the wall.

I couldn’t resist him.

I threw away my marriage for sex and now my family are angry with me
I threw away my marriage for s3x and now my family are angry with meCredit: Alamy

We had the hottest, steamiest affair for six months and then agreed we wanted to be together.

He is 45, as am I, my husband is 49 and we have three teenage sons, aged 19, 17 and 15.

I felt awful leaving my husband and sons, but s3x with my husband had never been very exciting and I got carried away with my new man.

I thought I had everything to look forward to.

At my new boyfriend’s suggestion I put the family home on the market and we set up together with the proceeds.

However, I soon realised he wasn’t that interested in working, but was very keen to spend all my money.

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He swanned around in new clothes, got a new phone and laptop, even a new car — all with money I had from my share of the house sale.

When I said I wanted him to sell the car and give back the money, he hit the roof and marched out. That was a year ago.

Now I see what a fool I have been. My husband won’t have anything to do with me and all our old friends have sided with him. My sons despise me.

I realise now my affair was a major mistake
I realise now my affair was a major mistakeCredit: Alamy Stock Photo

I don’t know how to come back from any of this. I feel so alone.

I know it’s what I deserve but do you think someone might give me a second chance?

I would dearly love to go back to my family.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: You made a big mistake and things have not worked out but your family does love you.

Their emotions will feel too raw for them at the moment to reconnect with you. But don’t give up and keep trying.

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Contact your husband and ask to speak properly to him. Let him know how sorry you are and how you regret your actions.

Ask if you can speak to your sons, too. They will feel incredibly abandoned, so you need to let them know you understand their anger and only want to prove to them how sorry you are.

Hopefully, your family will accept your apology and in time you can start to rebuild those relationships.

It would help for you to speak to someone impartial about what has happened.

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