WHO’S THE DADDY? When I saw the conception date on my girlfriend’s baby scan I was devastated

WE’D been trying for a baby, so going for the first scan with my girlfriend should have been a brilliant moment.

But when I saw the conception date flash up on the screen, I was devastated. 

We temporarily split up for a week – and during that time, both of us had a one-night stand. 

We got back together and forgave each other but staring at that date has made me question everything.

She had this one-night stand a couple of days after we had s3x and the ultrasound report says she conceived on the same day she had s3x with this other man. So the baby’s father must be this other guy. 

I’m 27 and she’s 25. I’m so hurt and don’t know what to do.

When I saw the conception date on my girlfriend's baby scan I was devastated
When I saw the conception date on my girlfriend’s baby scan I was devastatedCredit: Getty – Contributor

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: Scans give an indication of conception and therefore a likely due date of birth worked out from the date of the woman’s last period. But the only way you will know for certain who the father is, is to have a DNA paternity test carried out once the child is born.

In terms of your relationship, if you were happy before and after this temporary split, it is likely you can make your relationship work. But you need to learn to communicate better together.

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