VIDEO: Lady gives her young and innocent daughter Shisha to smoke

A video going viral on social media captures a South African woman who is busily involving her young and innocent daughter in an ongoing party by giving the child a Shisha pipe to smoke.

The woman who was not frightened about the repercussions of smoking tobacco also gave her daughter, who is suspected to be 3 years old alcohol to drink.

Shisha also known as Hookah is an oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container mixed with molasses and flavor extract.

The actions of this South African lady it has generated a lot of reactions from social media users.

Read some comments below;

Lunga Mdletshe had this to say; “Not surprised at all. Shame and when you tell this type what she’s doing is wrong, they become defensive and go as far as telling you that you must not tell her how to raise her child or even tell you to go have your own. Idiot”.

Man’s not half breed also added; “With the person recording, they must face equal charges. Toxic as it has been for S.A. society intentionally raising kids under toxic environment is teaching them to be subhuman and junkies”.

Slenda SamaCatalogue wrote; “Some people don’t deserve to be mothers honestly, there is no justification for what this woman is doing, as for the person recording this and the people around no one in their right minds thought no this is wrong let’s stop it”.

Dube Limthende added; “This is actually child abuse, they should be incarcerated”.

Karabo commented; “Someone call child services”.

Winston also stated; “That’s a child for God’s sake, some people just deserves to be jailed for their actions towards children”.

anthonykumako added; “Too bad. Irresponsible woman”.

Watch the video below;

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