Your lover or children shouldn’t be your source of happiness and fulfillment

DON’T make your partner, your family and your children your source of happiness and fulfillment in life

Many marry or get into a relationship with the mindset that negates the very essence of their existence. That’s we have more unfulfilled people on earth than fulfilled ones.

Your are not in life primarily because of your wife, your husband or your children. No person was solely purposed on Earth for marriage and to raise children. These are just part of your mission or assignment in life. So don’t live your life all for marriage and family. 

Many women based their happiness on their husbands. Some men do same on their wives and many others based their happiness and fulfillment on their children. 

In my little life, I have come to see people so disappointed and frustrated from a failed love, failed promises, failed marriage, broken homes, failed relationship and failed children. 

Your love, your life, your heart, your health, your happiness, your joy and your fulfillment are your sole responsibility…….they are all in your hands.  If you placed them in the hands of another person, you may be so disappointed sooner or later. 

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However, you can’t achieve your desires on Earth without another person. So in marriage, your relevance and happiness are in your contributions. You can’t get what you don’t give. If you want to be happy, make your partner happy.  If you want peace of mind, give peace to the ones around you.

The environment you create will control your life. The kind of marriage and home you build, will have an intrinsic influence on your life. This is where the scripture: “Love your neighbour as yourself”, holds. 

The things you do to make others happy and fulfilled are what will give you joy and the happiness you deserve. But in trying to make sacrifices for your lovers, don’t sacrifice yourself. You must know how to strike a balance in everything. 

Don’t always forget that nothing is infinite. Love and marriage don’t end the way they start. Everything in life keeps changing and….. not always for your good. Marriage, relationship, love, life and human existence are not permanent……Let God and yourself be your source of joy and happiness and fulfillment so long you live.

Young couple sleeping back to back and ignoring each other

Women who marry men for money or materials, don’t be in a hurry to forget that money can vanish anytime someday.   Which would imply that your source of happiness and fulfillment will be displaced and your life distorted. 

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It’s safer to put your happiness, joy and fulfillment in the things you can  give and not what you can get. Those who place their desires on their partners or children or family are not so wise and responsible enough. 

Whilst you are training your children and making all manner of sacrifices for them, know that they can leave, die or forget you someday…..that’s human life. So look after your own present and future needs whilst sorting that of your partner and children. 

Love yourself, live for yourself first and laugh as much as you can, then share with others around you.

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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