Three Potential Killers Of Love In A Relationship

Love is like nature. It strikes at the least expected moments. When it comes to love, one can end up loving even those that they once disliked. It is love that drives people in a relationship.

However, it is so unfortunate how love sometimes works. A couple could be in the most admirable relationship but as time goes by, loves fades away  which is mostly occasioned by the following things:

1.  Lack Of Trust

Love grows where trust is strong. Love could happen at first sight and dies within a twinkle of an eye.

Love is the key but trust is the key holder. For love to work out between two people, there is need for trust.

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Lack of trust will definitely drain all the love that a couple shares. Therefore, lovers must avoid all extremes of distrust in their relationship.

2. Fear of the unknown

When a woman gets a man in her life, there is this notion of being scared of what will happen to them if things don’t work out. The fear of the unknown is what makes love die in most relationships.

An unknown fear brings unwarranted suspicion and distrust into a smooth running relationship. Fear sometimes has a way of causing the things we usually fear to happen.

Fear is a torment. It can change your good mood, creates negative insinuations in your mind and throw you into a state of emotional imbalance.

A good relationship anchors on peace of mind and balanced emotions. One should always be ready to enjoy life and love in a relationship….discarding all fears or negative vibes.

3. Wrong Foundation

When a foundation of something is wrong, the future of that thing suffers…same is love and relationship.

The foundation on which you build your love matters a lot. If one’s love is built on a faulty foundation, there is a high chance of it not sustaining it for long.

The strength of a good relationship lies on well built foundation. Lovers must never be so carried away forgetting to remember that the only constant thing in life is Change.

Love can only either be grown or killed. It is never the same always. That is why those who were so much in love at some point in their relationship could end up being the worse enemies of their lives.

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