My boyfriend was asked to bring my glory to grow his business more – Lady needs advice

A young lady seeks to know what ‘giving ones glory to someone’ means after her boyfriend asked her to give him her glory.

According to the lady she and her boyfriend have been together for 3 years and he recently asked her a favor.

The lady’s boyfriend disclosed that the man who helped his business grow asked him to bring her glory to him .

She said according to her boyfriend he will be richer than ever if she gives her glory to him  and since they are in love, he will take care of her and marry her as well.


See the post below:

IMG 20210123 193734 Everyone has his or her glory which was given by God for their sole purpose or assignment on earth.

Giving him your glory in the name of love would mean giving him your destiny and purpose in life.

What if his business doesn’t do as well as he is imagining now after using your glory, what next will he do? He will definitely be asked to bring your life and he won’t ask you this time, he will surely give you up to get more money. That would mean that your life would have be cut short in the name of love and marriage.

If your boyfriend’s business is doing well at the moment, why the rush for automatic greatness? There is no short cut to success but there is a sure way and the best sure way is to grow steadily and progressively until the business see an acute breakthrough. The acute breakthrough he is desiring now will come but not in exchange for life or destiny but through patience, hard work, proper planning and decision and making right choices.

If he insist on using your glory to grow his business, then quit that relationship. Love and marriage can end anytime. They are not permanent.

You only know today, you don’t know future. Humans change and your boyfriend is just a human too.

Advise him to take things easy before he gives up everything that matters to him in his quest for wealth and riches. Good luck!

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