I am having secret s3x with a guy who works for my boyfriend

I’VE been having secret s3x with a fit and good looking guy who works for my boyfriend.

I’m a woman of 28 and my boyfriend is 35. We’ve been together for six years and he’s one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

The downside is our s3x life is almost non-existent and really tame.

My boyfriend owns a gardening business and his mate works for him.

His friend is 32 and I’ve always got on with him, but last summer our friendship turned into something else.

My boyfriend’s business had been going well until he slipped on the kitchen floor and ­seriously injured his back.

He was in hospital for two weeks and needed surgery, while I helped his employee run the business.

I was furloughed so it gave me something to do, rather than worrying about my boyfriend.

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My relationship with his friend intensified as we got to know one another.

We had the same ideas about how things should be done, and I really enjoyed working as a team with him.

One beautiful day we were working in a stunning garden and the atmosphere between us was electric.

Our affair began while I was on furlough
Our affair began while I was on furloughCredit: Alamy

We work with one other ­colleague and the two of us just about managed to keep a lid on our sexual chemistry.

But at the end of the day this man gave me a lift home and we couldn’t resist each other.

We ended up passionately kissing in his pick-up truck.

Since then I have regularly visited his home for s3x.

I can’t get enough of him and the love-making is like nothing I have ever had before.

My boyfriend is now out of hospital and recuperating. I am wrestling with myself to come clean about everything.

I am torn over what to do next
I am torn over what to do nextCredit: Alamy

I don’t want to lose either man, but I think I’m in love with this new guy.

However, I don’t think my deep feelings for him are fully reciprocated.

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You say your lover is probably only with you for the s3x, so end this no-strings, dead-end relationship before you or your boyfriend gets hurt.

And more immediately end it as you run the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Your boyfriend is particularly susceptible, having recently undergone surgery.

Sort this out before your boyfriend returns to work – you don’t want a failed business on your conscience too if the two men fall out.

If your s3x life is flagging, you can build that back up again if you both buy into what you have together.

You’ll need to give him a chance to recover from his accident, of course.

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