I’ve fallen for my favourite prostitute and hope she’ll start to feel the same

I CAME out of a long-term relationship just before Covid arrived and the last year hasn’t exactly been ideal for getting out and meeting someone new.

I started feeling really lonely and I have a high s3x drive so I just had to do something . . . and now I’ve got into the habit of paying for s3x.

I am 34 and take care of my appearance. I normally don’t ever have problems attracting women.

But I’m a restaurant manager and have been furloughed. I live in a shared house with three other men and normally wouldn’t ever have gone down this road.

In the last year I’ve been with five different hookers.

I don’t go with prostitutes who work the streets, I’ve found women in brothels or who work from their own houses in my home city.

I started feeling really lonely during lockdown and got into the habit of paying for sex
The last year hasn’t exactly been ideal for getting out and meeting someone newCredit: Getty Images – Getty

I felt pretty ashamed but the s3x is really good and I soon got used to the routines.

In the beginning I told myself it was easier than getting emotionally involved.

But I do have to admit, I have been missing everything else that makes a relationship . . . the chats about rubbish, the cuddles, the friendship.

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I told myself that I would only do it once or twice, then that I would only go with hookers until I could have a relationship.

But now I’ve started paying my favourite prostitute for more time.

We always used to meet at her flat, but now she comes to mine.

She is the fittest out of all five and I could see her socialising with my friends and fitting in.

We have s3x, then settle down to watch TV and have a snuggle on the sofa for an extra hour.

The last year hasn’t exactly been ideal for getting out and meeting someone new

But she never stays a second longer than I have paid her for.

I am hoping that she will start to fall for me, as I am for her, and want to stay longer.

How can I persuade her to stay?

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: I hate to pour cold water on your fantasies but you need to be realistic.

She’s doing a job and doesn’t sound the slightest bit interested in spending any time with you if she isn’t being paid to do so.

You need to have a serious talk and ask her what she wants. You also will have to pay more to have her stay longer.

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The easiest and fastest way to attract her to yourself is to pay without having s3x with her. Tell her you just want her company and not s3x. Soon she will start seeing you differently from other clients. And if she likes your kind of person, she will giving in to your fantasy before you know it.

But remember, s3x risks transmitting STDs. If she isn’t interested in a relationship, you must stop seeing her – and other s3x workers.

While we can’t socialise as normal there are safe ways to form new friendships.

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