My lover fled after our week-long fling and I think she’s carrying my baby

I HOOKED up with a girl for one week and we had the most amazing s3x every day.

It was so intense and unreal, but I should have trusted my instincts and refused when she insisted on doing it unprotected.

I think she just used me to get pregnant
I think she just used me to get pregnantCredit: Alamy

As quickly as she took over my life, she left and, I think, used me to get pregnant.

I am 18, and she is the same age. My friend is dating her best friend and she joined us for a drink in February just after she split from her boyfriend.

She is very fit and spent the whole evening flirting with me. We met the next day and got it on that night.

But she insisted on unprotected s3x. I had condoms and told her I would prefer to play it safe.

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She was so insistent that in the heat of the moment I went for it.

I admit I was keen to find out what it was like too as I’d never had s3x without condoms.

She was very adventurous, wanting to try different positions. We also had s3x in my car, and when we went out for a walk in the woods.

I was really chuffed with myself and could see us making a go of a relationship.

Then I got a text telling me she didn’t want to see me again. No reason, just a “goodbye, been nice knowing you”.

I suspect she is having my baby and not her ex's
I suspect she is having my baby and not her ex’sCredit: Alamy

I don’t even know where she lives because she only ever came to my place.

She completely ghosted me. I called my mate, but his girlfriend was reluctant to tell me where her friend lived.

Eventually she told me she is back with her ex, who she is apparently obsessed with. I then heard she has just had his baby.

Maybe I am jumping to conclusions, but I am pretty certain she used me to get pregnant, and told her boyfriend it is his baby.

I know we got together the day after they broke up and the timing fits. If it is my baby, I would like to know but I cannot do that without looking like some crazy stalker.

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MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: It seems this girl had some agenda in insisting on having unprotected s3x.

Although your suspicions may be right, there could be other explanations.

It is possible she knew she was already pregnant with her ex’s baby when they split.

If that was the case, there was no need to use condoms.

You were only together for a week so it will be difficult to work out who the father is from the date of the baby’s birth.

The only way to find out if the child is yours is to have a DNA test.

You would have no automatic rights, but you would have financial obligations to the child….don’t forget that.

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