My wife has been having an affair with a carer in a nursing home

MY wife recently lost her dad and constantly raves about the “amazing care” the nursing home gave him.

Now I know why. She has been having an affair with one of the carers there for months.

I am gutted as her dad passed away six months ago but she has kept “dropping off” paperwork at the care home.

She is 41, I am 44 and we have been married for more than 20 years. I honestly thought that we were a happy couple and had a loving relationship.

I feel so upset that I have been taken for a complete fool.

She has been secretive with her phone, “working late” and snapping at me for no reason.

My wife was constantly telling me what good care the nursing home were taking of her father
My wife was constantly telling me what good care the nursing home were taking of her father

So one evening just before Christmas I followed her on another impromptu trip to the home.

Shaking with shock, I tracked her as she went to an unfamiliar area and pulled up outside a house I didn’t recognise.

The care worker greeted her at the door with a passionate kiss.

Their hands were all over each other. I don’t know how I got through Christmas pretending everything was normal.

My wife was even having sex with this man during the pandemic, putting our family at risk
My wife was even having s3x with this man during the pandemic, putting our family at risk

I am so angry as her lover has been working with Covid-19 patients throughout the pandemic.

I thought we were a safe family bubble but she’s been putting our family’s health at risk.

We have two teenage sons, aged 16 and 14.

I thought this was going to be the start of a happy new year. How wrong could I be?

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: What a shocking way to discover your wife is cheating and how miserable to have to keep up a front over Christmas.

Keeping your emotions on a tight rein will come at an emotional cost and you need to vent your anger.

If you are afraid to confront her as your feelings are overwhelming, then do so first with a counsellor in confidence.

It will help you work out what you want and to feel calm when you face her.

She has been breaking the pandemic rules and her behaviour is particularly reckless given his job.

You do need to find a way to talk to her sooner rather than later, as bottling this up won’t help.

Although it will feel like a miserable way to start the new year, by dealing with this infidelity you will be able to work out if you can make your relationship stronger or whether her betrayal is too much to forgive.

You have a way to go, but reading more related articles on will show you that it is possible to recover after an affair has rocked a marriage.

Please don’t be rash with your decision. Everything will be fine. Good luck and Happy new year to you.

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