MARRIAGE IS GOOD: Marry For Gains, Not Pains

MARRIAGE is a beautiful experience in life, packed with so much blessings and bliss.

Whether many accept it, believe it or not, marriage was originally instituted by God……and whatever God does is GOOD. However, this article is not geared towards forcing or imposing a strange belief in you but to elucidate the fact that it is good to get married.

So many younger folks have developed enormous fears around the issue of marriage, more are concluding on daily basis never to get married. So, we now have a lot of baby mamas and papas across the globe. These are young folks who just want to have kids without any restrictions and commitment to a partner.

Social media is good but it has its ripple effects on the mindset of many users. Most relationship stories going viral on the internet don’t favour the urge for a relationship and marriage due to the negative insinuations and pictures painted in them. A good number of netizens believe that true love no longer exist…..that’s not true.

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It’s good to learn from people’s experiences but it is also good to have your personal experience about the subject matter. Suffice to say that the fact that Miss/Master A had it bad doesn’t mean it will be same with B.

Your personal character and expectation play a vital role in your journey in life. And do not quickly forget that we all have our destinies differently. Even members of same family still do not share same destiny. So what works for one may not work for another. So also the failure of one may not be same with another.

The Main Quiz

Before you get entangled with anybody you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. What kind of marriage do I want to have?

Know what you want. Marriage is physical and practical as well as spiritual. You must have some good knowledge about marriage, men, women before you enter in. How much you know will guide you in your choice of partner and how to manage issues.

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2. What do I expect from this marriage?

Your expectation creates a picture which becomes your target. Marriage is like every business venture. There must be a goal before you start. Many just want to be married, no vision, no goals.

3. What can I do to make it work?

Your expectation determines your contribution. How much you contribute will give you the necessary relevance and gains you deserve in the marriage. Nobody wants a liability. Marriage entails a lot and it takes both couple to make it work. Many women in this regard are failures. All they want is a man to marry and have kids with.

4. Will he/she partner with me to achieve my goals?

Most singles look for the right lover instead of a good lover. There is a huge difference between a right person and a good person. A good partner is not selfish and self-centered. They think and want the good of their partners and those around. The good person is seen by all but the right person is seen by one.

Most of the goals of your marriage are not found within the confines of your home…..they are outside your home. You need a good partner who can guide, guard you into achieving your dreams. Not the Mr/Mrs right who may think he/she they are all you need. Sometimes, they see your moves as threats. A good man or woman is not afraid of your success….they are rather happy when you’re happy.

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5. Do I have the right character?

Your character is the sum total of your belief system, your behaviour and your attitude. These are what make a person. Character is the main runner of marriage and life.

You can start a relationship with love but it is character that will keep the relationship going till the end. Sometimes love comes and goes but character stays. Nobody will be remembered or rewarded for how much he or she loves……people are remembered and rewarded for good character.

If your character is good, your marriage will be good and you will see the gains. Once your character is bad, it will bring so much pains to you instead of gains in your marriage.

Marriage is for betterment, improvement and fulfillment. Your choice of who to go with matters a lot. Women, most especially must be very careful who they say YES to. And men must be careful who they propose to. It’s difficult to make it right once it is wrong from the start.

Don’t allow family pressure, peer pressure, age syndrome and child birth exigencies push you into marriage. Your happiness and well-being supersedes all of these.


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