I had Crazy s£x with my girlfriend’s best friend but now she’s blackmailing me

I HAD off-the-scale s£x with my girlfriend’s best mate. I thought it was just fun but she’s got footage and is blackmailing me.

I’m 33, my girlfriend is 31 and runs a cake business with her best friend, who is 32.

My girlfriend is gorgeous, and I often feel I’m punching above my weight.

I have a job as a courier and the company I work for is on the same industrial estate as my girlfriend’s business.

Before this last lockdown my girlfriend and her friend landed a contract to supply cakes to a coffee shop chain and asked me to join them to celebrate.

They’d had a few drinks when I arrived and my girlfriend said, “We’ve been talking about you. Do you fancy us both?”

My girlfriend’s best mate is blackmailing me into continuing our affairCredit: Getty

I didn’t know whether I was about to get caught out in some game so I just nodded and said, “Yes, of course, you’re both gorgeous.”

My girlfriend said, “That decides it then. A threesome at mine on Saturday.”

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I was gobsmacked but what guy would turn the offer down?

I went to my girlfriend’s and the mood was set with low lighting and candles.

The girls looked sensational.

It was a bit awkward at first but we relaxed after some drinks and I had s3x with them both.

It was great — a dream come true.

She says she has footage of us having sex and will show my girlfriend if I call things off
She says she has footage of us having s3x and will show my girlfriend if I call things offCredit: Getty

The following morning my girlfriend said that it had been a mistake, while her friend texted me saying I was a great lover and she wanted a repeat.

I didn’t respond. I didn’t dare. But I called round to my girlfriend’s bakery not long afterwards to see whether she wanted me to pick up some tea.

She was out seeing a customer. Her friend was there, though, and I couldn’t stop staring at her.

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She moved over to kiss me and I couldn’t resist.

We had s3x on the desk in the office.

It was mind-blowing but I texted her later saying that I didn’t want to cheat again, but she said she wanted us to carry on with our fling.

She says she’s got the whole thing recorded on her CCTV camera and she’ll show my girlfriend if I don’t say yes.

What seemed amazing fun at the time now looks to be risking pulling my life apart.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: Tell your girlfriend’s so-called friend that blackmail is illegal and you’re not going to give in to her.

Admit you made a mistake but point out that if she spills the beans, it will threaten her friendship and her business too.

Giving in to her quest will cause more damage to you and your relationship later.

Tell your girlfriend she’s right, that you two are so good for one another it’s stupid to play around.

Focus on making your relationship the best ever – and stronger to withstand outside threats.

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