I’ve been having intimate s£x with a beautiful girl at work – but I have a boyfriend

I AM cheating on my boyfriend with a beautiful girl at work.

She is so attractive I am always longing for the next chance to sneak away and have s3x with her.

I am a girl of 25 and she is 26. We work in a food factory and often find ourselves on the same shifts.

She joined our company a few months ago and there was an instant chemistry between us.

I have a boyfriend who is 28. We have been together for three years and have a little boy.

We have stuck together through ups and downs but the way I feel about this girl has made me question whether I am gay or at least bisexual.

She is tall and blonde, with a wicked sense of humour.

We got to know one another very quickly and discovered we have a lot in common.

We would chat in the staff changing rooms after work.

One night, after a particularly busy shift, we walked back to our lockers together.

We were laughing about something we had seen on TV the previous evening.

We looked into each other’s eyes and the next thing I knew, she leaned in for a kiss. I was hesitant at first but then I kissed her back.

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We took a big risk after that kiss by having s3x in the changing room. It was thrilling and it added to the excitement that we could get caught at any moment.

I know it is wrong but my boyfriend cheated on me once early on so I don’t feel too guilty.

He cheated on me before so I don't feel so guilty
He cheated on me before so I don’t feel so guiltyCredit: Getty – Contributor

This girl and I have had s3x a few more times since that night.

We have discussed it and agree we both feel sexually attracted to one another.

The feelings get so strong, particularly at work, but I can’t let anyone know.

I have never felt this way before and I adore every intimate moment.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: Our sexuality is rarely black and white but on a spectrum. So many people around the globe are capable of feeling attracted to their own s3x at some time…..but this is not a natural phenomenon. That is why it is still not a generally acceptable way of life across the globe

The important question is what we do about it.

Whether straight, gay or bi, it doesn’t excuse you cheating on your boyfriend. Best stop the workplace s3x with your colleague.

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Mixing work and personal relationships can be against company rules and, even when not, it can cause com­plications.

Tell your colleague you need to think hard before taking this further.

If you are no longer into your partner, be honest with him but be aware that if you and he split, this will be hugely damaging for your little boy.

Doesn’t he deserve you to at least try to save your relationship with his daddy?

Don’t feel pressured to label yourself to your family and friends too quickly, though. Focus on making choices you won’t regret. But know that same s3x relationship, Christianity and most religions and traditions across the world are against it and if you belong to any religious clime, you will be condemned.

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