My wife has been cheating with her friend’s husband and it’s not her first affair

I THOUGHT my wife had gone off s3x after having our little girl.

But she’s been cheating on me in our bed with her friend’s partner — and it’s not her first affair.

We have been together for eight years and our daughter is three. I am 35 and my wife is 33.

I thought we were OK, even though our s3x life hasn’t exactly been sizzling since the birth of our daughter.

But what did start to bother me was that about a year ago she got more and more secretive.

She became very protective around her phone. She would keep it in her sight even when in the shower.

I started getting headaches and having sleepless nights wondering what was going on.

Things came to a head when I picked up her phone after it bleeped while she was unpacking some shopping and it was out of her reach.

A message came up from her best friend’s partner and I was beyond shocked when I read the content.

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It was very graphic and he had clearly been coming to our house when I was at work. They were having s3x in our bed.

My wife has been cheating with her pal’s partner and it’s not her first affairCredit: Getty Images – Getty

We had a very hot argument of all rows and she admitted to this affair.

I can’t seem to forgive her for what she did. I’m also scared for our daughter if we break up.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: Nobody loves to be cheated on, also not in their matrimonial bed. That’s an off and a lot of memories to deal with. There is no moral justification to what she has done but there might be an emotional reason.

The stress of a new baby would be more likely to drive you apart than bring you together, so best make plans to put your family on hold.

It doesn’t excuse your wife cheating, but you need to understand what was going on for her when you were trying for a baby, and more recently.

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Sort your underlying problems first. Forgive her as much as you can for the sake of your baby. This is not easy at this moment but you will find peace within at the long run.

You are your daughter’s father in the ways that really matter.

Can you accept that? It’s the happiest solution for your little girl, as is rebuilding trust and saving your relationship.

Couple counselling will help with that, and will help aid your sexual confidence, too.

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