I can’t even look at my wife after she had s£x with another man in our bed

MY wife had s£x in our bed with another man after I took the children to stay at my mum’s.

We’ve been married for ten years. I work in an accounts office while she works in a retail bakery. She is 35 and I’m 38.

Six months ago she didn’t seem happy. We have three boys under the age of eight.

I know they are a handful so I just thought she was finding them too much during the lockdown when they were all home non-stop.

As soon as that lockdown ended I offered to take the kids to my mother’s for the weekend.

My wife had sex in our bed with another man while I was away
My wife had s3x in our bed with another man while I was awayCredit: Getty – Contributor

I thought it would give my wife a break and the boys could run off some steam in Mum’s big garden.

When we got home my wife snapped at me and I asked if we could talk that evening about what was bothering her.

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She took the wind from my sails when she admitted to having an affair.

She said she had been getting close to one of the customers who would come into the shop for his lunch every day. She said they just clicked.

They started to talk on Facebook, then they exchanged numbers and started messaging.

She said she had met this guy while the boys and I were away and they had walked through town hand in hand. She said she had fallen in love with him.

My wife snapped at me when I got home with the kids
My wife snapped at me when I got home with the kidsCredit: Alamy

I asked whether they had begun a sexual relationship and she broke down.

I yelled: “Did you have s£x with him here? Yes or no?” and she admitted to everything.

She says she’s sorry and that we must stick together for the boys — and she has called it off with this younger man — he’s 29.

But more than three months on, I still can’t even look at her. I’m devastated. I feel worthless and horrible.

I hate myself for not picking up on the warning signs but I was blinded by my trust in her.

I love her and I just don’t know how to save my marriage.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: What a shattering discovery. Your wife is going to have to make a big effort to rebuild the trust.

Nobody want to be cheated on and your wife had no excuse to cheat on you…..on your matrimonial bed.

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She was obviously carried away, forgetting she has a family to be responsible for.

But you love her and owe it to your sons to try to get things back on track. Please you must forgive her first before you can move on well with her.

Three boys under eight are bound to be demanding.

More than three months on, I still can’t even look at my wife
More than three months on, I still can’t even look at my wifeCredit: Getty Images – Getty

You could see she needed a break but do you regularly share the care of your sons?

Do you manage to spend time just as a couple or is your busy family life getting in the way? Could your s3x life do with spicing up?

Also, couple counselling can help you both work through all the issues

And I suggest a new bed, if you haven’t already thought of that. That bed will always give you bad imagination and may refresh your wife’s memory too.

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