I had wild s£x with my hot cousin but feel guilty for cheating on my girlfriend

MY female cousin is hot and irresistible lover I’ve had.

But I can’t be with her as my family would hate it – and so would my girlfriend.

We have always been close. She is a 28-year-old air hostess and my family are so proud of her.

I’m 30 and I live with my girlfriend, who is 26. I’m a mechanic and my workmate is a friend of my cousin’s.

He’s a bit of a whizz on mobile phones and my cousin had broken her screen so we went round to hers last week.

She opened some wine and we all had a couple of glasses.

My mate had to go when he’d fixed the phone but my cousin said to me, “Oh, don’t you go too. We were just starting to relax.”

We had a couple of bottles of wine while chatting on her sofa
We had a couple of bottles of wine while chatting on her sofaCredit: Getty Images – Getty

She opened a second bottle and we sat chatting on her sofa.

We were talking about her job and the fact that she’d been furloughed and she might lose her job. Then she started crying.

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I did what anyone would do and went over to hug her. She then looked up and kissed me.

She pulled me in to her and said, “You’ve always been the cousin I fancied.”

She seemed to recover quickly and part of me wondered whether she’d put on crocodile tears, but I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity.

My cousin seemed to be up for anything, and I was too
My cousin seemed to be up for anything, and I was tooCredit: Alamy

I told her I fancied her too and she asked me to take her to bed.

The s3x was wild. She seemed to be up for anything, and I was too.

I ended up sleeping over, which is something I’ve done at hers before but normally after a party with others around. I told my girlfriend I’d had too much to drink to drive.

She was irritated with me but accepted that. I texted my cousin yesterday and she messaged, saying, “I’ve forgotten all about it.”

My girlfriend is great though and she didn’t deserve that. I feel so bad.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: I am sure you do. A relationship with a cousin is lawful in some part of the world but cheating, especially so close to home, is shabby behaviour.

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You had better hope that your cousin used contraception and she won’t make pregnancy announcement to you soon. That’s where the real troubles will start from.

It sounds as though you can trust your cousin to be discreet, so your priority now has to be making sure you do not let yourself and your girlfriend down like that again.

You say your girlfriend is great, so why did you fall for the temptation so easily?

Was it just opportunistic or have you been taking your relationship for granted recently?

Covid-19 has put an extra strain on many relationships but thankfully we are approaching the end.

Talk to your girlfriend about how to make each other feel special.

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