I walked into the office and caught my boss and a colleague looking confused

I WALKED into the office and caught my boss and a colleague looking really flustered as though they were being caught having s3x.

It did not take a genius to work out they had been at it on her desk.

Then he started calling her on her mobile and she’d go outside to speak in private. He flirted outrageously with her in the office.

I confronted my colleague and asked her if something was going on. She admitted they were having an affair. I was shocked as they are both married and he’s got three kids. She said she resisted but he’s promised her a bigger salary long-term and says that actually the s3x is very good.

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She tells me it’s none of my business. But it is when she sits daydreaming at her desk or only does half her workload and leaves the rest to me. She knows she can get away with it and he’s going to back her up. She even got a birthday bonus.

We are being treated differently as staff and that grates on me.

If I want time off it is never convenient, whereas it seems she can take off whatever time she likes. Also, she makes herself look a complete tart by wearing short skirts, low tops and stiletto heels.

She looks like she’s going out for the evening, not coming to work.

What can I do? Or am I best to keep my mouth shut and wait until it inevitably ends in tears?

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: You have every right to your views, both about the morality of your colleague and boss’s secret affair, and about how their behaviour impacts on your work.

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Best stay out of the personal relationship going on between them, but do speak up about your working conditions, especially if you feel there is now an unfair inequality. 

Speak to your boss alone. Decide beforehand what you want as a resolution to the dissatisfaction you are feeling.

Don’t criticise your colleague or be drawn to discuss her work, but stick to highlighting where you feel your job specification is being stretched.

Be careful not to portray an attitude of jealousy or envy. It may cost you your job and the little friendship you have with your colleague.

They are both adults and are very mature to handle their private affairs. So be sure to keep your opinion about the ongoing love affair between a non-of-your business.

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