Put Your Anointing Aside And Be Romantic To Your Wives – Pastor To Colleagues

A Ghanaian clergyman known as Rev Ofori Badu has advised his fellow pastors to be romantic to their wives instead of using their pastoral position as an excuse.

Ladies they say are the most annoying creatures God ever created in His creation but it is believed that they can be taken into a process where they will go through a total transformation to suit the level of every man’s dream.

Pastors, on the other hand, are known to be the messengers of God on earth and so there is some certain picture painted for them by society especially when it comes to marriage or anything related to s3x.

However, Rev Ofori Badu in an interview with Adom TV has said pastors shouldn’t see themselves as holy beings because they are also creatures who have emotions just like any other ordinary person.

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According to him, some pastors because of their position refuse to give their wives the best of treatment especially when it comes to s3x. He opined that when it comes to marriage, there is nothing like anointing and so they must pay key attention to their wives and be romantic to them.

Using himself as an example, he said he kisses his wife when he is driving out or in, adding that he lays his bed with sweet-scented perfume and makes sure he puts his wife to bed in a romantic way before he sleeps also.

Also, Rev Ofori said he buys panties for his wife whenever they go shopping and this makes the marriage more interesting.

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