I had s£x with my brother’s girlfriend on a family trip and now she keeps messaging

 I HAD secret s£x on the beach with my brother’s girlfriend, when we were all on holiday together.

I am in love with her and think she feels the same way about me.

Me and my brother are very close and always have been. I’m 25 and he is 23. He’s been in a relationship with his girlfriend for almost a year.

She’s 22, tall and blonde with a lovely figure. She is a personal trainer and is so hot. She is every man’s dream girlfriend and I get on with her really well.

All three of us were desperate for a break and we went away for a week’s holiday in Greece in the summer.

We had a brilliant time but on our last night my brother had an early night after far too much to drink. His girlfriend and I decided to have another drink, then went for a last walk along the beach.

It was quiet and romantic, with the lights of the resort twinkling.

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We walked out of sight of everyone to where it was dark, then she leaned over to kiss me.

She is every man’s dream girlfriend and I get on with her really well
She is every man’s dream girlfriend and I get on with her really wellCredit: Getty Images – Getty

I kissed her back and, before we knew what was happening, we were stripping off. We ended up having amazing s3x. I knew we were taking a risk but in a way that made it more exciting.

We got dressed afterwards and agreed it couldn’t happen again.

But since that week, she keeps messaging me and suggesting we should get together again.

I am really tempted but don’t want to fall out with my brother over a woman. He has no idea and would be gutted if he found out what we did.

I just can’t stop longing to have s3x with her.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: Tell yourself it’s not going to happen again and stick to that. It would only end in disaster. Your brother would find out and never forgive you.

It is not unusual for brothers to be attracted to a similar woman, or even the same. Equally, your brother’s girlfriend may be attracted by qualities you share with him.

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But your brother deserves better than this. He’s been betrayed by two of the people he probably loves and trusts the most.

Tell her the messages have to stop. If she’s not happy with your brother, she needs to tell him their relationship isn’t working and walk away.

You could leave her to live the life of a single woman for a while and then – and only then – think about getting together with her once the dust has settled. Your brother still would not be happy about it but he would have no right to object.

But I’d say best get out with your mates as soon as that is possible and give yourself the chance to meet a single woman of your own.

I had s3x with my brother’s girlfriend on family tripCredit: Getty Images – Getty

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