“Break Up With Your Boyfriend If He Doesn’t Have Beard” – Captain Planet Says

Popular Ghanaian rapper, Captain Planet formerly of 4×4 has opined that women shouldn’t date men with no beard.

The reason behind his assertion is yet to be known but from all indications, he only wants to troll men who have no beard. Per my research, some men even hate growing beards while others are not naturally hairy.

In the latest video shared on his Twitter page, Captain quizzed that why would ladies continue dating a man who has no beard?

I know some ladies will agree with him as I have often heard some beautiful ladies say how attracted they are to bearded guys. One said she gets turned on with guys with bears.

However, there are yet some ladies who don’t like guys with beards. Most ladies in this category have often complained how piercy the beards could be and they get irritated by that.

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So on the long run, what is good for one, is wrong for another. The one who will love you, will love you with or without beards.

Flaunting his bushy beard, he tweeted:

“So Your So Called Boyfriend Doesn’t Have A Beard? What The Fuck You Still With Him For ?

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