WATCH: Two Kids Caught On Camera K!$$ing Passionately Like Newly Wedded Couples

What is the world turning into? Are there any kids in this world again?

I guess I have to leave this question for the gods. This generation is too f**k3d up to the extent that kids practice what adu1ts can’t even do.

In a viral video sighted by, two little kids who are probably 6 and 7 years were seen k!$$ing passionately like two newly wedded couples.

We can’t tell whether an adult was videoing them. If the person behind the camera is an adult then the person needs to be dealt with for encouraging such immoral act.

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The questions that also come to mind are; are these two kids from same parent, family or are they school mates who fell in love with each other? Whose house are they carrying out this ungodly act and how did they meet there?

Watch the video below;

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