My wife cheated and now I’ve got her younger sister pregnant after revenge s£x

 I HAD s£x with my wife’s younger sister in revenge for my wife’s cheating but I didn’t plan for the girl to get pregnant.

She is determined to keep the baby and there’s going to be hell to pay when the family finds out.

I’m 35 and my wife and I had a big wedding 18 months ago.

She is 33 and we’ve been together since our teens, but it wasn’t my bride who took my breath away on our big day, it was her younger sister.

She’s only 22 so I’ve known her since she was a little girl but that day I suddenly realised she’d grown into a beautiful woman.

She was chief bridesmaid and looked totally amazing.

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We flirted lots that day but I kept reminding myself she was now my sister-in-law.

My wife and I constantly bickered after getting married
My wife and I constantly bickered after getting marriedCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Getting married seemed to sour my relationship with my wife. We bickered, and lockdown didn’t help.

We were both working from home and being together 24/7 just seemed to make us irritate one another more.

I picked up her phone one day to check something online. There was a message about how hot she’d been the night before, sent by a guy she works with.

She’d told me she’d been out jogging with a girl friend when she came back looking hot and sweaty.

I was furious. Then I remembered how much I’d fancied her sister. She works in an optician’s so I booked an eye test.

I went for a drink with my wife's sister and we had a great couple of hours
I went for a drink with my wife’s sister and we had a great couple of hoursCredit: Getty – Contributor

I got an appointment at the end of the day and it was easy to ­suggest we go for a drink afterwards — pubs were open then.

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We had a great couple of hours and agreed to meet again – and that time we had s3x.

She’s really fallen for me and I was feeling great until she announced she’s pregnant, though she’d said she was on the Pill.

She says she wants to have my baby but her parents will go crazy and I reckon my wife will divorce me.

I worry I’m now going to end up in a tiny flat with a baby and next to no income.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: I mostly worry for the baby if she does go ahead with the pregnancy.

It’s not a great start in life to be stuck with parents who don’t love one another.

Maybe your sister-in-law is trying to score points over her sister but she needs to think this through realistically. What are the chances of a relationship with you working? And how will it be with a low or no income?

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If she does go to term with the pregnancy you’ll have a legal responsibility to help maintain your child and I hope you’ll be a loving dad.

You’re going to have to be honest with your wife. Tell her what you discovered and how unhappy and heartbroken it made you.

Things might be easier to handle since her cheating pushed you. The only issue there is the fact that you chose her younger sister for the revenge. And the fact that she is now carrying your baby.

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