My boyfriend of 2 years has never bought me a surprise gift and he is talking marriage

I am a girl of 26 years of age, dating a guy of 30 years. We have been dating for almost 2 years now. It’s left with only 2 weeks to make 2 years exactly. We live in different areas but we see each other very often.

My problem is that my guy has never bought a gift to surprise me before in the relationship… We have made plans for marriage and all that but he has never out of his own will bought anything to surprise me before…

We go together for weddings and parties of people we know and he sees some of his friends surprising their girlfriend and buying them gifts and he seems very happy for them but he hasn’t done some for me before and it really worries me.

We go out to eat and drink at restaurants, pubs etc we both do pay but I mean buying me a gift to surprise has never happened.

His parents know me very well and his mother sometimes calls me to check up on me…and sometimes invites me to the house when she wants to talk or have a conversation about something.

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I am in good terms with his family and love him very much….I am very okay with him, but that is my current problem.

We are planning our marriage in a few months but I am thinking. Would it be a good idea to go ahead and get married to him? I need advice please.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: My dear, there are some guys who do not know how to do that or he may be thinking you don’t fancy those things.

He doesn’t have that initiative or discretion. So you need to ask to have from him.

You also need to communicate with him and make him understand how you feel about getting surprise gifts from him. Let him know most women like surprises and you are one of such women.

Communication in relationship is very vital and it’s the first step to resolving issues. Until you talk amicably about it, don’t conclude yet.

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Marriage entails more than surprise gifts. If he is okay in other aspects, then he could learn this new aspect.

The best way to change a man sometimes is true actions. You may as well teach him how to buy you gifts by buying him surprise gifts too. You may get good results faster other than talking or complaining. Don’t expect to receive what you’re not giving.

Try not to make a mountain out of this. And don’t compare him with other male counterparts.

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