Slay Queens who specialize in stealing men’s sperms and sell for $500 exposed

It seems now some ladies who parade themselves as Slay Queens are so desperate for money that they are selling stolen sperms to fund their expensive lifestyles.

There are screenshots of a female Slay Queen Association member who calls it Sisterhood Money Club wooing another woman to join their association going viral.

The Member called Angela explained that all they do is to steal men’s sperm and sell it to doctors who use it for artificial insemination.

“If with each man you are able to harvest 3 sets of sperms, you will be paid $500 each, making it $1500”, Angela explained to the newbie.

She told the lady she was trying to convince that “it’s not an occultic association and there are no sacrifices; all you have to do is to steal sperm”.

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Read the full conversation below:

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