I want to remain friends with my male best friend, not a lover

I have a problem if I don’t share it I may die.

I have a best friend who is a guy that I have known for years… I love him so much but just as a friend and nothing else.

When I broke up from my relationship I decided to give him a chance because he loved me and I thought I could reciprocate that love. But as time went on, I realized I don’t love him and I found someone I love.

Now I want him back as my best friend not a lover but he also says he can’t give me that.

I don’t want to loose his friendship. I love him so much as a best friend, please advice me. Post as anonymous. Thank you.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: My dear, you want to eat your cake and have it? That’s almost one of the impossible things on earth.

You only used your best friend to heal from your broken relationship and now that you are fully healed your eyes became opened to the fact that you really didn’t want him as a lover.

Love sometimes can be developed and grown. If your male friend is indeed your best friend, then you can learn, live to love him with time.

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Having him as your best friend shows there are a couple of things you both share which form a good foundation for a great relationship.

If you truly don’t want to lose him as a friend forever, then start addressing your mind to love him right back.

However, you can sit him down and have a good talk about how you feel about him. He may understand and let you be good friends again. But if he doesn’t understand you, then let him go to avoid becoming worse enemies later in life. Be more careful next time.

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