Leaked: Female student exposes lecturer who slept with her

According to the Times Higher Education, the University of Warwick decided in 2006 “to break away from hundreds of years of academic tradition, renaming lecturers ‘assistant professors’, senior lecturers and readers ‘associate professors’ while still calling professors ‘professors’.

The radical move will horrify those who believe the “professor” title should be reserved for an academic elite.” Nottingham has a mixture of the standard UK system, and the system at Warwick, with both lecturers and assistant professors.

At Reading, job advertisements and academic staff web pages use the title associate professor, but the ordinances of the university make no reference to these titles. They address only procedures for conferring the traditional UK academic ranks

The student was pregnant and she told the teacher. The student said she dated the teacher for about 2 and half years. And after the two and half years, there was a baby for them.

After telling the teacher that she was pregnant, the teacher told the student to abort the baby but the child insisted and said that if the teacher forces her to abort the baby, she will report her to the police. I think the teacher was a little scared. But as for the child, she is serious about reporting the teacher to the police.

Leaked: Female student Expose Lecturer who slept with her

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