I video called my girlfriend and her ex was on the bed half nak£d

I THINK my partner is having s£x with her ex as they seem way too intimate.

She comes from Mexico and has been staying with her family over there for five months since her dad fell ill. He has since passed away.

She is 36. Recently she told me she had been chatting to an old friend there who is also an ex.

If I call her when he is with her, she seems impatient with me and refuses to turn on her phone video. Sometimes she doesn’t answer and rings back hours later.

The other day she forgot her camera was on and she was walking around in just her undies. When she panned the camera I saw her ex sitting on the side of the bed clearly aroused.

She says I am making a mountain out of a molehill and nothing is going on.

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Do I break up with her or pretend nothing happened when she comes home?

Marriage-chronicles.com: There is no way you can pretend nothing has happened.

Her attitude towards your calls and what you saw on video clearly show she is cheating on you with her ex.

When exes become too intimate, it means they are reconnecting in every way. Her intimacy should be with you and not her ex.

Women crave the attention of their lovers than men do. You shouldn’t always be the one calling and trying to check up on her, she also should be well doing with that.

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Tell her you two need to talk, albeit online, with no one else there. What you saw would suggest there very much is something going on. Has she any rational explanation?

Is there any reason why she can’t return to you now? If you don’t get reassurance, better bite the bullet and call it a day.

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