I’m Afraid My Lover’s Husband Will Find Out About Us But I Don’t Want The s3x To Stop

I’M having amazing s3x with a married woman who said she was getting divorced – but now she’s staying with her husband.

This was meant to be just fun but now I’m worried what I’m getting into. I’m a guy of 28 and was never into relationships before this year.

When lockdown came along, I hit a s3x drought.

I had been used to having one-nighters but girls started worrying they might catch something and stopped wanting to hook up.

So I had a lonely lockdown with just my job — I’m an electrician — to get me out.

I was relieved when restrictions were lifted and we could get back down the pub.

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After a couple of weeks I met this sparky woman who owns a clothes shop.

She’s older than me, 37, but I like her confidence and sense of humour. Plus, she has an impressive figure.

Now she's trying again with her husband but she insists the sex won't stop
Now she’s trying again with her husband but she insists the s3x won’t stopCredit: Getty

We just chatted at first. She said she shared a home with her husband but they were separated and getting a divorce.

She said she didn’t take people back there, though, as it would be tactless.

So I invited her back to mine a few days later, having tidied the place up.

I doubt my one-bedroom flat was what she was used to but that didn’t matter once we got to bed.

The s3x was some of the best I’ve ever had. She’s been coming round regularly ever since.

I have been having amazing sex with a woman I thought was getting divorced

The restrictions are tighter now but we joke we’re in a support bubble together. So I was taken aback when last time she said she and her husband are talking about trying again.

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I expected her to say, “So I won’t see you any more” but she said, “I want to carry on seeing you. What we have together is too good to stop.”

She’s obviously not going to tell her husband about me. But suppose he finds out? I don’t want to get into anything heavy.

But I don’t want to stop having all this great s3x, either, especially as it would be next to impossible to meet anyone new now.


If you carry on seeing your lover you not only risk having an angry husband coming after you but placing your heart in a space where it will be badly hurt and broken.

I know you’ve been enjoying the regular s3x after being lockdown over the months but you’re not in love.

It won’t break your heart to tell your lover it’s over now that you’re not so committed yet.

I realise it won’t be easy to get back into your pattern of casual hook-ups but I suggest you use this fallow time to look at why you are so wary of relationships.

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Did your parents have a bad one? Were you emotionally hurt earlier in life?

Counselling would help – see a couple of relationship counselors online.

Sort that out and you’ll be in a better place to meet and keep someone special – and share the best-ever s3x with her.

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