I told my husband my ex was better in bed and our s3x life has died

MY husband asked me an unexpected question six months ago which has caused an argument.

He said: “Out of everyone you’ve had s3x with, who was the best?”

I did not know that my husband would include himself in the ranking. I assumed he just meant out of my exes. So I replied it was probably someone I used to go out with, who I won’t name, because he was so wild in bed.

My fella is now very hurt and is assuming that I had a better s3x life before I met him so he has backed away from making love to me.

We have only had s3x a handful of times since that encounter when it used to be two or three times a week. He is 33 and I am 29.

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I have repeatedly told him that I did not enjoy s3x more with any of my exes so I told him to be more intimate with me, but nothing works.


Your poor husband feels he has been kicked where it hurts but it is a self-inflicted wound.

Don’t just ask him to be more intimate. Words have their limits.

Demonstrate how s3xy you find him by making the first move and coming on strong to him.

Touch him and show how irresistible he is to you to bring back the spark.

If you are unsure how to get started get online and find out from s3x specialists on how to thrill a man into sexual intimacy. Good Luck!

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