Three Killers Of Love In Marriage or Relationship

Love is like nature. It strikes at the least expected moments. When it comes to love, one can end up loving even those that they once disliked. It is love that drives people in a relationship.

However, it is so unfortunate how love sometimes works. A couple could be in the most admirable relationship but as time goes by, loves fades away  which is occasioned by the following things:

1. Lack Of Trust

For love to work out between two people, there is need for trust. Lack of trust will definitely drain all the love that a couple had there before. To build trust, both lovers must shun every act of dishonesty and deceit.

Openness is a key factor here. Being secretive will fertilizer a little grain of distrust between you and your spouse.

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2. Fear Of The Unknown

When a woman gets a man in her life, there is this negative insinuation of what will happen to them if things don’t work out.

Being Loved is a privilege and not a right, though love can be deserving. However it comes, don’t be pushy or unnecessarily anxious.

Anxiety can make a lover to be suspicious and over zealous. Live one day at a time and allow destiny to have its course. What will be will be.

In case you’re already married to the love of your life, don’t allow unproductive fear to make you over possessive or protective. He or she is your spouse and nothing changes that if God permits. Don’t create unnecessary tension in your marriage because of fear of something that may not be existing.

3. Faulty Foundation

The foundation of everything in life matters. This include relationship. Where you meet, how you meet, the words you speak and the moments spent together at the beginning give some form of direction to where the relationship is heading to.

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Relationship or marriage built on lies, falsehood, deceit, unrealistic desires, misplaced priorities, lack of understanding and proper line of communication will most likely end in tears. Love doesn’t grow or survive where these aforementioned things breathe.

We often have one time to make an impression. Remaking another one may not yield great result. That is how it is when a foundation is wrong. Laying a new foundation in place of an existing or old one mostly requires more than usual to do.

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I am Wealth O. A, B.Sc (Chemistry), Delta State University, Nigeria, Diploma (Basic Marine certs), Regional Maritime University, Ghana. Married with kids. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, writer and entrepreneur.

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