I had amazing relationship with my married lover until he became jealous and cruel

I HAD mind-blowing s3x with my married lover until his jealousy turned our relationship sour.

I feel scarred by him, stuck and unable to move on.

I was having mind-blowing sex with my married lover before he became jealous
I was having mind-blowing s3x with my married lover before he became jealousCredit: Getty – Contributor

I am 28, he’s 36 and has two young children with his wife. We met through work.

He’s a van driver and does pick-ups from the factory where I work in despatch.

He is good-looking, charming and funny. It felt wonderful when he started flirting with me but I turned him down when he asked me to go for a drink because he’s married.

He said they were getting a divorce anyway so I agreed to meet him for a drink as soon as lockdown eased.

We had a fantastic evening which ended up with him coming back to mine and us having s3x. Wow, he was just amazing in bed.

My lover said he was getting a divorce  so I agreed to meet him for a drink
My lover said he was getting a divorce so I agreed to meet him for a drinkCredit: Getty Images – Getty

After a few weeks of meeting every moment we could he started checking up on me and got miffed if I didn’t answer him straight off.

We had a falling-out and he called me some horrible names.

I should have seen the warning signs but it was another month before he dumped me by text.

I still met him a couple of times afterwards for s3x but it wasn’t the same. I just felt used and abused, and I regret it now.

Now he’s seeing another girl, someone who used to work at our place.

I had a falling-out with my lover and he called me some horrible names
I had a falling-out with my lover and he called me some horrible namesCredit: Getty – Contributor

I don’t know her personally but a friend of mine does. I feel like confronting her and warning her about what he’s like.

I know he’s treating her just as he did me.

He promised me the earth, wedding, house, kids etc. I looked her up on Facebook and it looks like he’s telling her all the same lies.

She has clearly fallen for his charms.

Part of me says I should keep it to myself, but another part wants to warn her and stop him doing to her what he did to me. Do I talk to her?

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: If someone had warned you off this man at the start would you have listened? Probably not, because you were captivated by his charms.

His new girl is unlikely to listen either. She would just think it sour grapes on your part and it would be a case of shooting the messenger rather than thanking you for your honesty.

You are still filling your head and your heart with this guy by checking up on what he’s doing and who he’s with now.

You know he’s full of bull and that you deserve better.

He has hurt you but you get to choose whether he can go on doing so long-term.

Give yourself the same care and concern that you are tempted to give the other girl.

Breaking old habits and replacing them with new ones will help you heal emotionally.

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