I’ve met really wonderful people on twitter, including my wife-to-be and my great bestman.

Life is all about love. And love can be found anywhere. There are a couple of dating sites across the globe, but twitter which was originally designed for news, friends and family connect has also featured as a dating site for some folks.

A twitter user known as Arinze Odira has tweeted a short story of how he has met some wonderful people via the global App.

Mr. Arinze who is perceived to be a Nigerian due to the name, Arinze, must have shared this story from the premise of the on going debates for and against the use of social media in Nigeria owing to the fact that many are using the media to propagate fake news.

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Arinze said;

I’ve met really wonderful people on this app. I’m getting married to someone I met on this app, and my bestman is going to be a great friend that I met on this app too.
It’s not just an app. It’s a community. It’s actually whatever you make of it.

See tweet below:

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