I’ve been cheating on my man with a nurse’s hot boyfriend

I’M cheating on my lovely boyfriend with an old friend. I know it’s wrong but the s3x is so good I can’t resist him.

I’d lost touch with this guy but he added me as a friend on Facebook after we bumped into each other in a local supermarket. Before long we were chatting every day.

I've been having incredible sex with an old friend
I’ve been having incredible s3x with an old friendCredit: Getty

We discovered we had more in common than I’d remembered. We had a chemistry between us that wasn’t there before.

He is 28 and very good-looking. We started secretly meeting up at his flat when his girlfriend was working. She is a nurse so is working all hours at the hospital.

I know we were taking big risks because of the virus but I couldn’t resist him.

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We started with just kissing but then decided that wasn’t enough and ended up having s3x. It was the best I’ve ever had.

We've been able to meet up a lot as his girlfriend's a nurse and is working all hours
We’ve been able to meet up a lot as his girlfriend’s a nurse and is working all hoursCredit: Alamy

My boyfriend and I have a great relationship except when it comes to s3x. I am 27 and my boyfriend is 28.

We have been dating for two years but he doesn’t satisfy me sexually — unlike my friend.

I feel I can’t leave my boyfriend, though, because everything else in our relationship is perfect and I don’t want to hurt him.

I called off my secret meetings because I felt so guilty. My lover’s girlfriend is brilliant. I don’t want her or my boyfriend to get hurt because of what we are doing.

I feel guilty about cheating but my boyfriend doesn’t satisfy me sexually — unlike my friend
I feel guilty about cheating but my boyfriend doesn’t satisfy me sexually — unlike my friendCredit: Getty

He accepted my decision but made it clear he was disappointed. For a couple of weeks I was fine but I couldn’t stop thinking about the brilliant s3x.

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Temptation got the better of me and one evening I messaged asking if we could meet up again.

He was very excited at the prospect and we’ve arranged for me to go round to his place again.

I know this is wrong and we will never be together. But we can’t resist one another.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES-COM: Yes, you can – with willpower. The sexual chemistry is thrilling and even being in a good relationship doesn’t stop us fancying other people.

But acting on it is high-risk – especially when you are in a good relationship.

And what would anyone you know think of you cheating behind the back of a nurse in the current crisis?

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Tell your friend you are making a big mistake. Block each other so you are less easily tempted.

Why doesn’t your boyfriend satisfy you sexually? He obviously loves you, so does he need to learn more about female sexual responses?

In life, we can’t always get all we want in one slot, there is utmost need to keep improving on your weaknesses until it becomes good.

Clearly you know what works for you, so help your boyfriend tune in. Your relationship will never last happily unless you sort this.

Satisfying your sexual prowess outside your relationship is not the best, you may end up hurt and losing your man.

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