My girlfriend’s best friend begged me to have s3x with her and later found out she’s been cheating too

I had s3x with girlfriend’s best friend only to find out my ‘yours truly’ have been cheating on me too.

I have been with my girl since I was 17. I am 22 now. She is 21, very s3xy and guys are always after her.

I went travelling with some mates when I was 19 and didn’t know what she got up to while I was away.

But I did know she had a busy social life and was out drinking lots with her friends. After that I didn’t trust her 100 per cent.

I’m in logistics now and I first cheated on her with a colleague at work about 18 months ago.

This girl was coming on strong and said she was too frightened to spend a night alone after her flatmate went home to see her parents.

I had sex with my girlfriend's best mate
I had s3x with my girlfriend’s best mateCredit: Getty – Contributor

I agreed to stay with her. We went to the pub first and the moment we were in the flat door the real reason she wanted me there became obvious.

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She couldn’t undress me fast enough.

My girlfriend was away at a spa with her mum, and this girl and I spent the whole weekend in bed with occasional naked visits to the kitchen for food and drink.

My girlfriend found out because she was suspicious and went through my phone.

She went ballistic at first but we talked and she forgave me after a while.

Her best friend came round one evening recently. She’s 21, too.

I realise now she knew my girlfriend would be visiting her parents. I offered her a drink and she sat down beside me.

After a while she started rubbing my thigh. Next thing she was saying she was feeling really hoorrny and asking if I would have s3x with her.

I should have refused but this girl was all over me and I went with it.

But then she told me my girlfriend had had s3x with someone she met online and also with a guy she met in the pub.

I confronted my girlfriend and she admitted it. She blames me for everything but says she is very sorry and she’ll have my name tattooed on her thigh.

I want to forgive her and start over but the thought of her with other men is driving me mad.

MARRIAGE-CHRONICLES.COM: If there is ever to be any trust between you and your girlfriend, you both need to start again from the beginning.

You are young and it may be that the love you have for one another is not enough to keep a committed relationship going.

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Perhaps neither of you wants to settle down yet. If so, then don’t hurt one another any more by trying to make something work when your hearts are not in it.

Have a good long talk. If you don’t feel ready for real commitment, don’t force yourselves.

Give yourselves the chance to find someone who values you enough to stay faithful.

Tattooing your name on her thigh is not enough, cheating starts from the mind. Both of you have messed up, now it’s time to face reality if you must have a good relationship in the future.

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