It Takes More Than One Heart To Date Or Marry A Nurse

I’ve wanted to pen down and publish this for a very long time; ‘Top Things To Consider Before You Marry A Nurse’, but it always escapes my mind.
Not until I stumbled on a Facebook post that portrays almost same thing I had in mind.

You definitely need more than one heart to be able to manage a healthy relationship with a nurse, especially the female nurse.

It Reads:

“Nursing profession is a calling, just like NUNS. These people always attend to patients in critical conditions as well as stable conditions. The psychological torture they go through make them lose interest in bedroom matters, which is why they are cold in bed”.

In another clime, you may never be able to have a well planned vacation with your nurse spouse. They can run off to attend to emergency cases right at the middle of a very important couples bedroom engagement……living you at the mercies of emotional torture.

That’s true!

In fact in addition to that, it is reported and proven that Nurses on duty, date and sleep with doctors. When the husband is warming the bed at home, the nurse is warming a hospital bed alongside her lover doctor or a fellow male nurse. Sometimes Nurses sleep with patients. I have witnessed this with my two naked eyes.

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It is easier to maintain an open relationship with a female nurse than a closed relationship. They are faced, sometimes, with overwhelming harassment from both colleagues and patients. Most female nurses have been seen frolicking with rich and handsome patients and doctors, while they mostly end up in bed with these men.

The nurses that like luxury of life mostly fall easily for rich patients who woo them with huge sums of money.

These are just few of the reasons why you should be double sure of the state of your heart before you date or marry a Nurse. Unless you are well mature in heart and emotions, do not jump into the next relationship with a nurse.

What Else Do You Know or Heard About Nurses?

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