My mate’s girlfriend keeps coming to me for s3x, now I want her to myself but she’s not sure

I’M having awesome s3x with my mate’s girlfriend. I think we should stop hiding it now but she’s not sure of leaving him for me.

I was at school with her and we’ve always fancied one another. We hooked up after school discos but I wasn’t into relationships back then. She’d want to see me again but I’d mess her around.

We’re 23 now and left school five years ago. I got a joinery apprenticeship. There are four of us in the workshop and one of the guys quickly became a good mate. He is two years older than me. We often go out together on Friday nights and a couple of years ago we ran into this girl out with a group of her friends.

I was living with someone back then, so I took it on the chin when my mate started flirting with her. They started dating, she moved in with him and they’ve been a couple ever since. They invited me and a handful of other friends round to their place for a barbecue a few weeks ago.

He was hammered before he’d even finished cooking the meat, so I took over the barbecue.

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He fell asleep on a sun lounger and the rest of us carried on having a good time around him, though his girlfriend and I took it steady, as she had work the next day — she’s a carer — and I planned to cycle home.

When the others left, I said I’d help her get my mate to bed and clear up. After he was safely upstairs, we got talking. She said she would have been with me if I’d not had a girlfriend when she started seeing my mate. That girl left me not long after because I cheated on her.

I said I still think she’s s3x on legs and we sort of fell on each other. We had s3x on the carpet and it was like we’d been waiting for one another.

Now she comes round to my place whenever she can get away. We’re having the best s3x ever but I’m beginning to feel guilty.

I think we should come clean and tell my mate, then she can move in with me. She’s not keen but hasn’t really explained why. She’s keen enough on the s3x.

It could be that she fancies you and sees you as a great lover but is wary of what day-to-day life with you would be like.

How does your home compare with theirs, for example? Is it clean and welcoming? You might see that as something she can fix if she moves in – but she might not want the job.

And how can she be sure you’ve changed and she can trust you? She has painful memories and your track record doesn’t sound promising.

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Either of you is using one of you. Tell her you two must have a serious talk and either commit to each other or end your fling.

Maybe there are faults in her relationship with your mate but having s3x with you is only getting in the way of sorting them.

For you to have her to yourself, you have to find out what she doesn’t like about your mate and work on it. But don’t forget that your colleague and friend won’t appreciate having you as a friend anymore because of your affairs with his girlfriend. The consequences can be worse than you can handle sometimes.

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