Woman calls off wedding with ghost after he kept ‘disappearing’ (Video)

A 32-year-old woman who has been dating a ghost and planning to get married has suddenly made a U-turn and called off the wedding.

Amethyst Realm from Bristol in the UK, fell in love with a ghost called Ray on a trip to Australia back in 2018 and they have been together since, according to Daily Mail.

The unusual couple was planning to tie the knot but now all that is gone after Amethyst called off the wedding for suspecting that her invisible lover had started acting too strange.

Speaking to This Morning UK while from Portugal, the broken-hearted young lady said her fiancé started hanging with the wrong crowd who he also brought to their room.

“So now, we have called the wedding off. It was going really well, until we went on holiday and that was about last night and then he completely changed. So I think maybe he fell in with the bad crowd. He kind of started being really inconsiderate and would disappear for a long period of time and when he did come back he would bring other spirits to the house,” she narrated.

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Amethyst said they would just stare with nothing to say to each other and she had to kick him out and then cleansed her home with sage.

She believed he had started doing drugs and partying too much which she did not enjoy and after talking to him, she realized it was a lost cause.

See Video Below:

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