I am in love with three men, having s3x with them all and I just don’t know who to choose

I have three men on the go but can’t choose – am I having a midlife crisis?

I am a woman of 38 and have always got on well with men but have never married.

The first man has lived with me for ten years. He is 41 and these days constantly brings me down.

He criticizes my cooking, how I dress and the house —  which I own. S3x is not great as he has a small manhood, although he finds other ways to satisfy me. I don’t want to bruise his ego, though, and I do love him a lot in spite of everything.

The second man is a colleague at the IT company I work for. 

We were on the same project two summers ago when he kissed me and we couldn’t keep our hands off  each other. 

He is very affectionate and says I’m the only woman in the world who satisfies him sexually.

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We both work a long way from home so we are confident we won’t be seen, but he is married with two children. He’s 41. The third man is a businessman of 36. He is rich and good-looking, and we got together when I did some work for his company. 

We met in a hotel late last year to talk through what he needed and after a few drinks, he booked a room for us.

The s3x is crazily good. He is loving and checks in on me every day with texts and sometimes calls. He makes me feel young. 

When he’s in town we spend hours in bed. He knows I’m in a relationship with the first guy but he has no issues with that. He showers me with gifts and makes me feel special. I don’t think I’m the only woman in his life but I don’t dare ask him outright.

I don’t want to lose any of these men but I know I can’t go on like this. Am I having a midlife crisis? 


Labels don’t matter, choices do, and at the moment you are just enjoying yourself with these men. But don’t forget nothing lasts forever.

Cheating starts from the mind. Once your mind tells you your way of life is good, then your entire body may just start drifting towards that direction.

Now ask yourself this; will you be happy knowing your first man has three women in his life?

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You loved your original partner enough to have him move in with you so focus on that relationship first and go for make or break.

Be clear that he has to be more considerate and loving towards you if your relationship is to survive.

If he makes a serious effort, stop seeing your other lovers before it’s too late. If he won’t change, break up with him – but that doesn’t mean the other men are right for you either.

But know that so long you have other men in your life, you may never be able to focus on making things all good with your original man.

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The affair with the colleague may be s3x-filled but do you want to be known in your workplace as a marriage wrecker?

The third guy wants a no-strings, s3x-only relationship. Not one to rely on. Maybe you need to look for Man Number Four . . . but don’t forget that you can never have it all good in one man. This means you may never be satisfied with just one man.

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