He’s Every Woman’s Dream But His Over Protectiveness Scares Me For Marriage

Marriage-chronicles.com: Marriage is good and it is a true maxim that nothing good comes easy….so it is with marriage.

The journey of marriage is supposedly a life-long one which mainly ends in death of either or both partners involved. This is why it is expedient for those thinking of embarking on marriage life must consider the vital pros and cons of this life before delving into it in order not to end in tears or untimely death.

This is one of the reasons Marriage-chronicles.com came into existence. We proffer necessary advice to the married and unmarried when needed.

Read story below:

I am a 25 year old Lady and planning to get married to my lover. He is 29 yrs old.
He is every woman’s dream: very humble, God fearing, treats me with respect and love.

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He is a contractor and has other businesses also. We have cars working for us as Uber and has a small house of his own.
We have never had intimacy because he wants us to marry before. We’ve been together for 3 years

My problem is he can call me for 50 times at a go. I’ve told him if he calls and I don’t pick up he should know am occupied with something but still he will continue to call saaaa
When we talk he goes like “you can’t do this in marriage” “you can’t do that”.

He says he will go everywhere with me when we marry ,
Am a teacher and he says after 2yrs of marriage he will make me stop and manage the businesses. I own a shop too. He says I can’t go out without him.
He will even follow me to the saloon .
Please is this normal?

Am getting scared whether to continue with this marriage or not. I think I can’t live my life in the marriage. He says I can’t be on social media when he is around or talk for hours on phone.

He always wants me all to himself when we are together.
But he said I can sometimes go out with friends and visit my family but I can never go out alone without him .
Pls is it normal?
I think he is over protective .
He is the jealous type and I think it will get worse in marriage .
Pls I need an advice
What do I do? Do I continue or walk out .”


How can your boyfriend be every woman’s dream yet you’re thinking of ending your productive relationship with him?

Maybe you are scared of the unknown….this is normal for those who are planning to get married. That is why premarital counseling is significant.

It is good you are taking cognizance of the few concerns about your marriage to your 3yrs boyfriend. That is a step in the right direction.

But don’t forget to remember that no one is perfect. We can’t always have it all in one person.

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You have to build more trust in him for you. He has trust issues and this may be an inherited phenomenon from his previous relationships or what he sees, hears and reads on the internet. You have to be more opened, engage him in constructive communication stating your concerns and fears.

Take more time to know each other more before concluding on marriage. Consult your religious leader, a professional relationship counselor and suggests books relating to marriage for the both of you.

You have to know that both of you are still growing. The things you see right now about each other may not be there in the next 3 years.

Marriage life comes with a lot of responsibilities. And trust me, he won’t have all the time to police you about when kids start coming in. You on the other hand may not have all the time to hang out with friends and family.

The things you fancy right now may change in the nearest future and both of you will definitely mature better with responsibilities and goals. Good Luck!

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