My Lovely Escort Girlfriend Is Sleeping With My Wife

I’VE been having great s3x with a lovely woman who works as an escort but it feels different now – as she is sleeping with my wife.

We’ve been married just over a year and have a six-month-old son. I am 53, my wife is 26 and we are very happy together.

My wife has started sleeping with the escort I was having s3x with

My wife was in and out of care until she was 16 as her parents had drink and drug problems.

She says this is the first “real” family life she’s ever known and I love her and our son to bits.

We’ve always had an active and varied s3x life but she had a very difficult pregnancy and couldn’t have s3x at all.

She told me to seek services elsewhere, that I needn’t suffer, so I did that with her blessing.

I found this lovely escort who was great sexually and also very sympathetic and understanding.

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I had several appointments and we got to know one another.

When my wife had the baby I thought that would be the end of the arrangement but she was keen to come and see my son — and to meet my wife.

The escort I found was great sexually and also very sympathetic and understanding

They are about the same age and got on really well. I felt like a spare part and left them to it.

This woman started calling round to chat with my wife — I think both of them had found someone they could relate to.

I knew my wife had had s3x with other women before we met and after a while she asked me if it would be OK for her and the escort to get together.

I could hardly say no when she was so understanding about my needs. So now the escort calls round lots and we sometimes all have meals together.

She and my wife have regular s3x and my wife says we’ll have a threesome soon.

S3x with my wife has actually improved but I’m not sure how I feel about all this or what to do.

Do I continue to see the escort in her professional capacity, or see her as just a friend and maybe find a new escort for myself?

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Not every freedom is good for human existence. That your wife gave you permission to satisfy your sexual urges doesn’t mean it is good for you or her. You have to be the man and prove to her that you are different from every person she has had in her life before you. Yielding to her suggestion doesn’t make you reliable and trustworthy than her previous family.

Don’t forget your wife had a troubled childhood and grew up unable to rely on anyone to love and cherish her.

She didn’t dare rely on you to stay faithful to her while she was expecting your son. Can you understand how sad that is? And this could get very messy.

What happens if one of you picks up a sexual infection, never mind transmits coronavirus, or suppose this escort is interested in getting pregnant herself?

What I’d like is for both of you to stop seeing this escort – or any escort for s3x – and to start treating s3x as something precious between the two of you, as the physical expression of your love and commitment to one another.

You will be amazed then how extra-special the s3x can be.

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