I think my husband bent his p3nis while having s3x with my best friend

I’ve read that a bent p3nis can be caused by vigorous s3x and his p3nis only developed this bend around the time I suspected he was sleeping with my friend.

I’m 44 and he is 45. We’ve been together for ten years. I was at school with my best friend and we’ve always been so close…. we were more like sisters.

She had just broken up with her son’s father when I got together with my now husband and I always felt she and my husband were over-flirty. They would kiss one another on the lips when they said goodbye, which I thought was strange.

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My friend was fixing up her son’s bedroom last year. Not having a man about the house, she asked my husband to help her assemble some flatpack furniture.

He was at her place all day, which I questioned. Her son had gone to his dad’s so they were alone all that time.

I think my husband bent his penis having sex with my best friend
I think my husband bent his penis having s3x with my best friend

He made up some excuse about other jobs she needed doing but I didn’t believe him. My husband instigated s3x with me a couple of days later but couldn’t get an erection and his p3nis was bent.

After that, even when he did get an erection and we had s3x, his bent p3nis hurt me.

Several weeks before the Lockdown, he would phone and say he’d stopped off at my friend’s house with all kinds of excuses. If I challenged him he swore that nothing was happening. 

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What was I to do? I had the choice to carry on with my marriage or to leave him, with no firm evidence. Then at the start of the year my friend met a divorced guy. He moved in with her for lockdown and they still seem strong, though I have little contact with her now, as she’s so busy with him.

My s3x life with my husband is still terrible. I turn him down because of the pain and he gets frustrated. I worry he will seek s3x elsewhere again.


It sounds as though your husband has developed Peyronie’s disease – scar tissue causing the p3nis to bend.

It’s far from always caused by vigorous s3x and surely would have made s3x uncomfortable for your friend too, if they were indeed having a physical affair? It’s possible your husband was just flattered by her when his morale was at a low ebb.

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Whatever happened, she has moved on, while you and your husband are still together, so focus on making your relationship as strong and happy as possible. Don’t allow negative insinuation destroy your over 10yrs marriage while your friend is busy enjoying her new found love. You may end up being the loser.

Insist he get treatment for the Peyronie’s disease. He should ask his doctor to refer him to a urologist. Any bleeding during s3x needs checking out, so make sure you see your GP too. Good luck!

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