What your s3x dreams Really mean – and why it’s bad news if it involves someone you can’t have

HAVE you ever woken from a solid sleep after having a raunchy s3x dream about someone you, well, shouldn’t be bonking?

If you have, you’re not alone, and while dreaming about shagging your boss, your colleague, your crush or an ex may seem harmless (I mean, it’s just a dream, right?), there is a reason behind it.

Dream expert and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers MSc MBPsS explains what your sex dreams really mean

Our dreams often stem from thoughts filling your head before you sleep, but some aren’t as straight forward as they seem.

While there’s certainly something s3xy about entering forbidden territories, and spending the night with someone who is usually off limits, our dreams don’t always reflect our actual thoughts and desires – so what do they ACTUALLY mean?

Here are few explanations behind our s3x dreams…..

Dreaming about bonking your ex is pretty common

Case of the ex

Dreaming about your ex isn’t uncommon or wrong, but it does depend on if it’s a reoccurring dream.

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If you have recently broke up, it can be all part of getting over the emotions, but if you are still having these dreams long after, it would suggest you have some underlying grief from your previous relationship or are feeling unfulfilled with a new partner.”

It’s also important to consider how you feel in the dreams as that can give a clue as to what may have triggered it.

Having Your Boss

Dreaming of bonking your boss doesn’t mean you actually want to do the deed, instead it means much more.

“Dreaming of having s3x with someone in a position of authority over you can often signal you’re not being as assertive as you want to be in life.

“Depending on how you feel in the dream, it may indicate that you need to collaborate more with your boss, or it may mean you are feeling stifled and unappreciated in your role.”

Dreaming of your boss doesn't always mean you actually want to do the deed, but often tells of something more

Crush power

We all have at least ONE celebrity crush, and perhaps some of us have joked about a hall pass knowing that meeting the star is unlikely.

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Celebrity s3x dreams are often remembered. In this case, it is likely that you are fantasizing about a celebrity you fancy.

As celebrities are generally unobtainable, it’s a boost to our self esteem dreaming of the unrealistic, but there is more to it than just a crush.

It could mean you’re feeling that you’re missing out on excitement and risk in your life, as these dreams will have a context that explains how you found yourself in bed with an A-lister.

Many people fantasise over a celebrity crush

Desire for Threesome

Some guys sometimes wish to have the friend of their spouses together in bed. Thoughts like this can be taken to dream where everything is possible without being accused of committing any visible crime.

Dreams like this are rare but can often signal that something in your relationship is unsettled, either you prefer your lover’s friend or you just realised you’re in relationship with the wrong person.

Dreams like this are more likely when you’re not satisfied with who you have in your life, but can’t come out straight…your attention is divided and you are lacking focus.

Lee says you can identify what may have caused the dream by exploring how you felt and reacted within the dream itself

Getting far from youthful age

With a big age gap, it’s easy to look into past relationships with our parents and authority figures to see if past issues are manifesting in your dreams.

For example, are you pining for your youth, or not feeling in a position of respect? This is more likely to signal where you are in your life, looking at days gone by or wanting the stability and experience of later life.

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Friend zone

Let’s face it, we pick our friends based on qualities we like, and it’s not surprising we fancy certain traits over others.

Dreaming about going there with a friend you don’t fancy can often highlight traits in them that you admire and actually value deeply yourself.

The thing with s3x dreams is that it is less important who is in the dream, but more about how you feel about that person and what they mean to you in the real world.

Personality plays a subconscious role. How the dream makes you feel, and what comes to mind when you think of that person will give you the answers you desire.

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