Shocking: A Man Finds New Girlfriend With Both Male and Female s3x Organs

A YOUNG man who was lured by his new girlfriend into having threesome together with her friend was shocked to the marrow to find out the two ladies have both male and female s3x organs respectively.

A young man has narrated what happened to him after he met a young beautiful lady at the beach one weekend when he and his friends were catching some fun.

Read his full story below:

Somebody should wake me up from this nightmare if only its a dream was what I told myself but it is not, it’s real and I can’t believe it with my eyes.

I have heard stories about a man with two organs and a woman with two organs but I thought they were all made up until I saw one with my two eyes and I thought I was dreaming.

Am a 32 year old university graduate and working. Myself and my friends do go to the beach every weekend to catch some fun. So one weekend at the beach I met this fair colored beautiful lady, we talked and exchange numbers.

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We talk for two months and we decided to meet again but not at my place because my girlfriend was coming around from her trip so I went to her place.

To cut long story short the lady wanted to have S3x and so do I but she told me a friend will be visiting soon. I was shocked to hear that because I wanted to do this thing fast fast so that I can leave. Within two minutes this lady walked in and both of them kissed. I was like hello….. they turned and smile at me. They undressed in front of me and what I saw killed me. These girls had both male and female organs.

They made me sleep with both of them two times and made me watch them make love to themselves.

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