My Boyfriend Is Very Good In Bed But His Balls And Pen!s Smell Real Bad – Lady Cries Out

A young lady of 29 years has taken to social media to seek advice on how to handle her boyfriend because she is sick and tired of his smelling balls.

Read her post below:

“I am a young beautiful lady of 29 years and self employed, I own my own business. I have been dating this guy for sometime now and I must confess he is really caring and sweet.

I met him through a friend’s boyfriend, we talked and he proposed and we have been going out since then. For the first three months of our relationship we never had any s3x.

He invited me over to his place for the weekend and we decided to have s3x and that was when I discovered that this guy is very dirty. He is very good looking, dresses nice so you will never assume he is the dirty type.

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He likes to be given head but his balls and penis smells so bad that I have to throw up any time I give him head. I thought it was a day thing but it’s been four months and it’s still the same. He is very good in bed, like to try new styles and explore but the smell is too much for me and I don’t know how to tell him.

Pls I need advice thanks.”

Dear young lady, if you truly love him and you’re sure he loves you too then you must develop some good line of communication between you and your man.

A good relationship must entertain a range of wild communication. It can never always be a sugar-coated communication. If you want a future with your spouse, you must test the extremity of his emotions and anger. So there is no need to be worried about this situation if you haven’t mentioned it to him yet.

Don’t forget to remember that no one is perfect. You can’t always have it all good or perfect in one person. You are not only in his life for fun, you are there to help him to become a better person, so it is for him too.

Try to find a sweet and diplomatic ways to relate your displeasure. You can also buy him good body wash and make him use it just before engaging in intercourse with him. Gradually he will be conscious of what you are trying to communicate to him and may change without being reminded. Good Luck!

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