Wife, Step-daughter Used and Dumped Husband After 17yrs of Marriage

Husband has been dumped by his wife and step-daughter after loving and caring for them for 17 years.

Sometimes, your best may not just be good enough even in marriage. We are mostly betrayed and hurt by those we love or trust. This is why the pain of betrayal most times is so excruciating than words can explain.

A young man, name withheld, has shared his story with Marriage-chronicles.com of how the woman he met in a hotel as prostitute became his wife for 17 years during which he also took good care of her daughter as his own child. Now, both wife and daughter have suddenly realized that there is more to get outside the man’s house and the marriage. And that was how they both abandoned the man without looking back.

How can a married woman of 17 years with happiness become something else?
I met this woman in an hotel, after 17years of marriage, she decided to go back to the live her old life….after 3 children.
She was a good woman all this years, until she decided to go back to her old live. Just a little argument, she held my private part and I beat her ear, which resulted to scandal.
Her daughter, Agatha, who I brought up since she was 7yrs…..my wife had her before I met my wife. I trained Agatha from primary school to higher institution in Bida poly. I did not know her father. She is the one who masterminded her mother leaving my house. My wife loves me and I love her.
Since my step daughter entered higher institution, she started telling her mother there is life outside my house. Then my wife now see me as a failure, and there is no hope on my side.
As a Tiv woman, it’s their culture. No matter how many children a Tiv woman have for you, she must still go back to prostitution….am sorry to use these words.
Up till now I love my wife, I miss her but because of my step daughter, she can never come back to my house. My step daughter, Agatha Uange is a devil all this years I never knew.
We are in Court now for justice. This same girl called Agatha has gone on social media to destroy my name because she is studying mass communication in Bida poly in Niger state, Nigeria.
I believe my wife deceived me into training her daughter all these years and I never knew. Now my wife, Dorcas Uange, is having affairs with men. Since she left my house, may 16 2020, she has been roaming around Abuja looking for help to survive”.


Hello bro, Good morning from Marriage-chronicles.com. I have read your story and I must say it is heartbreaking to see those you love and cared for over the years turn their backs on you for no just cause.

The pain of betrayal and the feeling of being fooled by those you lived for is inexplicably disheartening. However, I believe there is always light at the end of every tunnel.


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I want you to know that your case is not peculiar to you alone. Many have been in same situation before and they didn’t allow their ill experiences to destroy their future.

Good people and their goodness can’t be forgotten for too long. Surely a time will come and it won’t be long, your wife and her daughter will remember all the good things you did for them and they will regret ever betraying you.

If you are so sure you never wronged your wife and her daughter, then do your best to forgive them and move on with your life. Life is bigger than those who hurt us. The future is always better than the past and present. Everything may seem bad today but with focus and determination, things will be good again.

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Forgive your wife but don’t beg her to come back to you. Allow her to go and focus on your life. There are better people out there. Maybe God doesn’t want them to be part of the great future He has for you. For all you may know, things don’t just happen to people for no reason. So take it that your mission in their lives has ended. See your situation as God’s plan to bring you the best person for the future. Learn your lessons and move on with your life. Good Luck!

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