Penetration Struggles: I Think My Girlfriend Does Not Have A Hole In Her ‘Vajaja’ – Man Cries Out

A distraught young man has taken to popular Nigerian forum, Nairaland to complain bitterly of how he has been unable to penetrate into the ‘heavenly hole’ of his girlfriend.

According to the unidentified young man, he has tried on countless occasions to penetrate his girlfriend but to no avail.

He further revealed that he tried to test his ‘cassava’ penetration skills on another lady and it penetrated without struggle and he concluded that his girlfriend is the problem.

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Read the man’s full story below:

“Good morning guys, thanks for the advice and counsels the other day. I really appreciate.

Concerning my girlfriend not having a hole, I’ve tried every possible ways to enter her vajaja but to no avail.

I’m not just satisfied with how I’m struggling with it, I think ladies with big backside have wider and more mature vajahjah opening than ladies with small or too moderate backside.

To be sincere, it got to a point I had to invite another lady to my house to test my curiosity if I was the problem but I successfully entered her glorious farm without struggles.

This whole experience is making me detesting ladies with small backsides already.

I told her to visit a doctor but she’s claiming she’s fine, only to be complaining of pains when I’m about to enter o.

Whenever I tried to gently use my fingers she still complain and my finger does not enter deep too, just the tip.

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What she just love is me rubbing my d!ck outside her poolsy from the back like a ‘duggy’ style because she would not also spread her legs, she also complains of pain whenever she spread her legs.

I already proposed to her and I meant it but this whole thing is what I don’t want to have in a marriage as s3x is a crucial part of a successful marriage.

To be sincere I have a very high libido and I will not want to suffer myself not to enjoy the wife I will marry because of what I can avoid.

What do you think guys?”

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