This is the simple secret to getting the BEST s3x ever – and it works for men and women

FORGET what you’ve heard about positions and toys – romance is the secret to making s3x more enjoyable for men and women, according to new research.

Sweet acts like cuddling and kissing can lead to more satisfaction between the sheets, experts discovered.

 The simple trick to making your sex life better is romance, research has found
The simple trick to making your s3x life better is romance, research has foundCredit: Getty – Contributor

Researchers from Indiana University School of Public Health and the Centre for Sexual Health Promotion looked at the sexual behaviours of more than 2,000 men and women.

They asked them what they had been up to in the bedroom and what sexual behaviours they found appealing.

Lead author Debby Herbenick said: “Contrary to some stereotypes, the most appealing behaviours, even for men, are romantic and affectionate behaviours.

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“These included kissing more often during s3x, cuddling, saying sweet/romantic things during s3x, making the room feel romantic in preparation for s3x, and so on.”

The paper, published in the journal PLOS One, looked at results from the Sexual Exploration in America Study.

The study asked American adults if they had engaged in more than 30 sexual behaviours.

 Kissing and cuddling more often during sex can make it more enjoyable, research shows
Kissing and cuddling more often during s3x can make it more enjoyable, research showsCredit: Getty – Contributor

Debby and her team also looked at how appealing more than 50 sexual behaviours were.

They discovered that many had engaged in a wide variety of sexual behaviours before and that some were very common.

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“These data highlight opportunities for couples to talk more openly with one another about their sexual desires and interests.

“Together they may find new ways of being romantic or sexual with one another, enhancing both their sexual satisfaction and relationship happiness.”

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